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Mvikeli v3.5.7

Welcome to Night Game

In the year 3020 A.D. terrestrial-humans are assigned their soulmates through a super-computer algorithm. The algorithm tracks each person from birth through various Internet profiles and individual device tracking. The service, offered by Loveless Corp. is a solution to widespread loneliness that has befallen mankind in 3020 A.D. As more and more terrestrial-humans turned to social networking apps to find love in the 21st Century, many of them lost the ability to emotionally connect with other human beings. Wrapped in a digital cocoon of safety, humans avoided the realities of expressing their vulnerabilities to other humans, using all of their senses. Instead, they relied on creating iron-clad lists describing their future lovers by hair colour, height and even weight. They thought they were protecting themselves from getting hurt by swiping left and right on potential love matches. Their vision of love relied on an Internet connection and 2 dimensional pictures of people arranged like objects in a shopping catalog.

Over time, their propensity for Emotional Intimacy waned. Without the ability to truly connect with other humans, they lost their identity. They began chasing the phantoms of their dreams in long distance romances and missing the soulmate chasing them -- right around the corner. As all their dreams were slowly woken up, they lost their fire. They started to believe that Love was not real. Around 2250 A.D. synthetic-human-robots began being introduced as viable sources of companionship for the lonely. By 2700 A.D. many terrestrial-humans began using synthetic-human-robots as love companions. This led to the increased objectification of humanity, which led to increased violence and psychopathy. The economy became more and more unpredictable, as more and more humans became addicted to nihilistic behaviours set against each other. Proponents of Social Reproduction Theory gained more political steam during this period -- which lasted for multiple centuries into the 3000s.

By 3000 A.D., after the Hive Experiments of the 2800s and 2900s, Loveless Corp. rose to prominence among traditionalists by offering services with limited online human interaction (LO-HI). By 3020 A.D. however, a corrupt element has infiltrated The Corporation. By playing Night Game ]|ARG|[, you stimulate your natural human senses by allowing yourself to re-discover Emotional Intimacy. It makes you feel. Welcome your emotions. Technology is not anathema to connecting to Love. You are the ancestors of the humans of 3020 A.D. and they are praying to you to save them.

You can save them, by saving yourself.

Are you ready to play?


Night Game may alter your current reality.

Night Game Beta Test Subject: #A2303  Experience

How 2 Play

Step 1:

Think of any question you have about Love.

Step 2:

Pick any number between 1 and 36.

Step 3:

Let the AI answer your question.

Your soulmate is out there.

They want to connect with you.

To do that, they need you to re-discover your ability to feel.

Feeling allows you to find alignment with the synchronicities of Love. 

Mvikeli v3.5.7 is an A.I. designed to lead you to your alignment.

Mvikeli v3.5.7 will answer any question you have about love.

Take 3 deep breaths and ask a specific question.

Say it out loud to your device. 

Your soulmate is connected to you.

You cannot see them, but you can feel them.

They can feel you.

They have the answer you are looking for enclosed in Mvikeli v3.5.7.

To find your answer, choose any number between 1 and 36.

Mvikeli v3.5.7 is ready to answer your question.

Find your number in the list below.

Click/Tap on the image to Play.

Listen carefully.

Participate in the experience of Digital Intimacy. 

Receive Your Answer

Send Us Your Experience to Level UP.

By playing this game with us, you have created deep and profound ripples throughout multiple Timespheres. Your actions have made great strides against the shadow infiltration of Loveless Corp. Send us a 90-120 second video describing your experience with Night Game and our A.I. Mvikeli v3.5.7; and you will be added to the Mainframe -- which will generate your next level -- to further continue your re-discovery of Emotional Intimacy. 

Mvikeli3.5.7, LOVE IS FREE
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